My Morning Cup of Tea

By Nancy Smorch, Foodie Bitch

Great combination – Jasmine tea, honey, and Lemon essential oil.  Not only is it great tasting, Lemon essential oil has such a refreshing scent, and it also helps with mental clarity, depression, circulation, the immune system, and there have even been studies on its ability to combat tumor growth.


Organic Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

By Nancy Smorch, Foodie Bitch

My husband loves chocolate!  So the girls and I made organic homemade chocolate ice cream for him for Father’s Day.  The particular recipe I used was Alton Brown’s.  It’s time consuming and takes a while, but it’s well worth it.  We made it a couple of years ago and I have tried other recipes since then, but none of them have come close to the creaminess and truly authentic taste that this recipe has.  And, a few of the ingredients were even local – we used local cream, local eggs, and local strawberries to top it off.  My husband said it was honestly the best chocolate ice cream he’s ever had!!  I would have to agree.  So, don’t let the time it takes deter you from trying it – it is so worth it!!

Holland Farmers Market

By Nancy Smorch, Foodie Bitch

Some great finds at the Farmer’s Market down town Holland the other day.  Fresh strawberries that my daughter made chocolate covered strawberries with, as well as some great flowers to add to my screened in porch, to add a great aroma.  Then we also have some Gluten Free pasta that’s my family’s favorite, and getting them at the farmer’s market in Holland is a lot easier then going into Grand Rapids. I also picked up farm fresh cucumbers that are great in salads.   The Farmer’s Market is on Wednesday and Saturday early in the morning.