IMG_3490Nancy Smorch thrives on learning new things.  It is this passion for learning that has driven her to research and experiment with various ways of living a more Natural Life – with her family, her animals, in her healing practices, and in her eating and food creation.  Apparently, she’s always been a “Foodie Bitch” – when she was a little girl, her mom used to call her “Fuss Bunny”, after a character in a children’s book who was an extremely picky eater.  It probably would have been bad parenting for her mom to call her a Foodie Bitch then.  But she essentially was a Foodie Bitch “in training”.

As she grew older, Nancy almost got sucked into the American way of eating.  But it was actually a few months of working at McDonalds in high school, and the few extra pounds she gained  “on the job”, that prompted her to go back to her “roots” and raise her standards for the food she ate, and to investigate the truth about food, food preparation, farming practices, and nutrition.  Her travels have since exposed her to flavors and ways of preparing foods that have raised her standards to yet another level.

Cooking has become a creative outlet for her and she is constantly in search of great quality food with amazing flavor – made with a love and passion that the food deserves to be handled with and that she and her family and friends deserves to experience.

To contact us with questions, comments and ideas our email is: Nancy@foodiebitch.net

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