Stumptown Coffee

By Nancy Smorch, Foodie Bitch

With all the excitement about Bulletproof Coffee, and my new knowledge of what makes a good coffee bean, I’ve been on the lookout for different sources of really good coffee beans.  So when I saw that Food52 was carrying this coffee from Stumptown, I thought I had better check it out.

After spending some time on Stumptown’s website, I thought I would go ahead and order some of their coffee for our daughter, Frankie, for Christmas.  She’s quite the coffee connoisseur, and I was hoping she would appreciate my newly discovered coffee source.  She opened up the coffee last night and made a pot of the Ethiopia Mordecofe Reserve.  I took a sip and couldn’t believe my taste buds!  Frankie is always trying to get me to try her coffee – black.  I never drink black coffee – actually I usually don’t drink coffee, until recently with the Bulletproof “formula.”  But I had to check out, for myself, this new stuff.  I could actually drink it – black!  It was amazing!

I bought 5 different bags of coffee from Stumptown, and so far, the three that we have tried have been excellent.  So if you are looking for an amazing coffee experience, give it a try.

Check out Stumptown’s video.  I hope it inspires you as it did me, on many different levels!!

Peace to you all!